Student Essentials: 5 Tips For Living In A Shared Student Apartment

Student Essentials: 5 Tips For Living In A Shared Student Apartment

Most often, your new flatmates and roommates will start to feel like family. In a town with a population of over 20,000, it’s important to build strong relationships as soon as possible.

Fortunately, choosing an off-campus student housing gives you something in common with your flatmates. Nonetheless, you should also be mindful of any cultural, lifestyle and expectation differences. Accept that disagreements will be there, but don’t let them get in the way of any student living accord.

To help you smoothly, here are five tips for living in shared student apartments.

Make friends as soon as possible

The sooner you make friends the better. Right before school, get to know your roommate and your flatmates, and start establishing boundaries. You can do so by scheduling a get to know each other discussion. Even if you picked an apartment with your best friend, don’t skip this step. Knowing someone and living with them are extremely different.

Keep your shared apartment clean

Arrange regular cleaning chores with your roommate. You can even consider organizing a weekly cleaning service and you split the cost evenly. Giving a professional cleaner a chance guarantees that your apartment is always in a perfect condition. It’s worth mentioning that some student accommodation providers also offer cleaning services at a reasonable fee.

Germs and illnesses

Although the risk infection is low in a shared apartment as compared to dorm rooms, don’t rule out the possibility. Always clean shared facilities with disinfectants. Detergents and disinfectants can help prevent the spread of infections.

Your roommate might get sick at some point. But if the condition persists, you may have to find somewhere to bunk until the storm passes. If you’re concerned that they may get worse, contact your apartment supervisor and get your roommate medical help.

Study habits matter

It’s remarkable to have various places to study or work outside your apartment because it helps to take off some pressure. Nonetheless, a few all-nighters are unavoidable and your exam schedules will not match perfectly with your flatmates or roommates. At some point, one of you will be rejoicing that your big paper is finally over, while others will still be facing their toughest midterm. Before getting stressed out, set realistic expectations now, and always keep in mind that what goes around comes around.

Solve problems early

If something is bugging you, bring it up early. Don’t assume your roommate knows there is something wrong. Raising it directly and early will save you from stress and avoidable tension. Passive aggressiveness towards your roommate will just add salt to the injury. Therefore, be the adult in your shared off-campus housing. If that fails, ask for assistance.

Regardless of how many rules you establish at the start, you can’t avoid unpleasant moments. Avoiding a problem or not managing it can push most roommates from pleasant dislike to total resentment.

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