Living Here

Imagine a day in your life at CEV Warrensburg

A special place – all day every day

CEV Warrensburg is more than a place to live while you attend the University of Central Missouri. It’s a community within a community—a home where you can feel connected with the life of the university and the city of Warrensburg while you develop relationships with other students who share your daily life.

So what might a day in your life at Campus Evolution Villages look like? What can you expect during your daily routine, and how can you shape that routine to work best for you? With the resources and all the amenities available, you have a lot of freedom to find your own way.

Wake up to sunshine

Even if you’re a night owl, getting up to a sunny day in your own room feels good. You had a quiet night. You slept well. And you’re ready for a full day of classes, study, time with friends and fun. You’re already planning what’s next as you get ready for a quick breakfast in your apartment’s fully equipped kitchen.

But first, coffee

Or maybe you’re a coffee first kind of person. So you make a pot in the kitchen or perhaps you take a quick walk over to the cyber café where you pick up a cup of Starbucks while you check your social media. Sipping that delicious brew gives you plenty time to catch up on email, texts, Facebook and all your other connections to friends and family.

Time in the cyber café also gives you chance to find out what’s happening with your neighbors and touch base about opportunities to study together, hold a cookout, play a game of pool or practice your short game on the putting green. A few minutes over a cup of coffee can go a long way toward setting up your day. But somehow you have to make time for learning. So it’s time to move on with your day and get ready for classes.

An easy commute to class and on-campus activities

Maybe you have a car. Maybe you don’t. Possibly you prefer to bike it, or maybe you Uber it or share a car with friends. There are lots of ways to get from Campus Evolution Villages to the university campus. In fact, it’s close enough to walk if you have a little time and enjoy the exercise.

Campus Evolution Villages is, in a word, convenient to the University of Central Missouri campus. You’re just a few minutes from your classes, sporting events and other activities. To be any closer, you’d just about have to live on campus. So today you might choose to drive, walk, bike or ride. Any way you go, getting g there is easy.

Learning from home

So you’re done with classes for the day, but you’re not ready to leave the books behind. You want to go over a math concept you’re feeling a little iffy about. Or you want to bounce an idea for a history paper off someone you know. Maybe you need the benefit of a study group.

You can choose the quiet and privacy of your room, discuss the problem with your roommates or share some work time in the study lounge. It’s up to you. You have the benefit of high-speed internet at Campus Evolution Villages, so you can do the research anywhere you are.

Time to stay fit

You’ve spent a lot of time sitting and thinking today, so it’s time to get active. That’s where the Campus Evolution Villages fitness center comes in. Unless, of course, you’d rather swim a few laps, play some sand volleyball or spend some time on the putting green.

With so many choices, you have to decide just how much of a workout you want. You can pump up your heart rate on the machines or in the pool. You can add some competition to the mix with volleyball. Or you can take a leisurely stroll around the green. It all depends on what you need to unwind after a full day.

Dinner and relaxation

The day’s work is done. Now it’s time to have dinner and relax. You can choose to cook for yourself or share a meal with your roommates in your fully equipped kitchen. But tonight, it might be fun to use the outdoor grill and serve up burgers and brats for a crowd.

After dinner, the options are many. There’s the multi-media theater, game room and lounge with a pool table. Or you can simply hang out with your roommates and watch TV. For a change, you might want to enjoy the outdoor fireplace and watch the stars. Isn’t it nice to have options?

Exploring the community

Once you’ve settled in after dinner, conversation and a little fun, it’s time to lay a few plans for the coming days. One good place to look for interesting events and things to do is the Warrensburg events calendar online. Warrensburg is rich in history. It boasts a number of unique festivals and fairs as well as concerts and cultural events. Of course, there are also a variety of restaurants, or you can take in a movie.

The opportunities for getting out and exploring your community are many, and taking advantage of them is a great way to expand your horizons. Not all learning takes place on the university campus.

Shopping close by

Part of being independent is making sure you have all the food and other necessities you need for daily living. So maybe it’s time to put together your shopping list. By now you know where the neighborhood grocery store and pharmacy are located, and you can make quick work of picking up the bread, milk, toothpaste and, perhaps, a little chocolate snack to get you through the next week.

You can also set aside a little time during your trip to drop in at a local restaurant for lunch and do a little window-shopping on the side. You might even find that extra pillow for your bed or a lamp for your desk. Warrensburg has what you need to make living in Campus Evolution Villages even better.

Exploring life for yourself

The reason for living at Campus Evolution Villages is to experience university life as fully as possible. It’s about learning and friends and exploring new territory, all while feeling safe and comfortable. In fact, you can look at your apartment as a base camp at the edge of a great adventure.

That adventure includes campus life and living in a larger community where new people and new situations frequently add spice to your daily routine, giving you a reason to face each day with a sense of excitement and discovery. Living at Campus Evolution Villages is itself an education that helps students grow into successful adults.