6 Part-Time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

6 Part-Time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

And it appears most students agree with us- 80% of students have a side hustle, according to a study by Citigroup and Seventeen Magazine. Students work to supplement their student loan, which scarcely covers the cost of food, off-campus student housing, and entertainment.

As you join college or university keep in mind that you’re also joining the competitive world of the part-time job hunt. To help you get started, we’ve gathered six part-time jobs that you’ll actually enjoy in Warrensburg, MO.

Public Relations (PR)

If you’re a social, enthusiastic person, working in PR is a great option. Most brands are in the market for student ambassadors to promote them online. These brands know that you have limited access to the student market.

These companies will expect you to market their brands via social media or word of mouth in exchange for a commission. Student nights and local clubs also need PR. In most cases, these businesses hire student PRs to invite their friends to a commission.


Parents are willing to spend big money to help their children get decent grades. If you’re confident in a specific subject, you could make money.

However, you’ll need confidence, top grades and patients to work with kids. In fact, some parents will even offer generous bonuses if you help their kid achieve the grades they want. Working as a tutor is also a great way to boost your resume.

Fitness Instructor

If you enjoy working out, why not get paid for it? As a fitness instructor at your off-campus housing or campus gym, you can teach spin, yoga, and more as long as you have the required certifications. Apart from making money, you’ll also feel good helping other people get fit.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Whether you live in student halls or off-campus student housing, you can work as a resident assistant as a live-in supervisor for your housing. You’ll be the person students come to when they have problems such as electrical fault, fire in the kitchen or wasp nest by the window.

Although you will not sort these problems directly, you’ll act as the bridge between student housing companies and the students. And even if you don’t get paid for this position, you will live in the house for free. With student apartments becoming costly, you can save thousands of dollars every year. 

Temp Jobs

If turning up to work in the same place disinterests you, then signing up to temp agencies can be a great option. Temp jobs provide staff to businesses searching for extra workers for the day. 

These positions have a variety of jobs, and you’ll get to meet new faces and make money. Additionally, you won’t have to be as committed as having a permanent job. You only choose to work when you can.

The most common temp jobs include catering or bar work, hosting at events, servings drinks at conferences, and more. 

Work for Your University

Sometimes job opportunities are right under your nose. Most universities hire students to work as student ambassadors, where you visit schools and talk positively about your college. Other colleges also want students to call up alumni for donations.

These jobs tend to be flexible and pay well. And since most shifts fall in the evenings, they won’t clash with your classes.

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